Evernight chronicles: G.A. Picture

this is the Evernight chronicles guardian angels.(The good guys).
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Mythology folklore and savage urban legends live inside this epic project.

Damon helborne
Race: Demon
Height: 5’4
Age: 15
Fav color: Black\ blue
Fashion: Punk\ Goth
Weapons: Metal claws, dagger, crossbow
Powers: Demon-fire, teleportation etc..

Lily Fawkes
Race: kitsune
Height: 5’3
Age: 15
Fav color: Purple
Fashion: Snug\Asian sheik
Weapons: Knives, Kunai ,daggers, shurikens
Powers: fox-fire, Phasing, Invisibility, Elements, extreme agilty

Christopher Skye
Echo : “Torch s. Phire Keys
Race : Moon-child
Height: 5’2
Age: 15
Fav color: Blue and white
Fashion: Prep
Weapons: Moon blades
Powers: Moonlight, illusions, moon-fire, Premonition, Luna state and many others.

Charles Wolfgang “Charlie”
Race: Were-wolf
Height: 5’9
Age: 15
Fav color: green
Fashion: jock\furry
Weapons: Cestus
Powers: Wolf strength, speed, appetite, turn into a wolf, call of the pack etc..

Claire Trueblood
Race: Vampire
Height: 5’3
Age: 15
Fav color: Red/yellow
Fashion: sporty
Weapons: Blood-blade sword
Powers: Powers and weaknesses of a vampire (I’m lazy)

Page Payne
Race: Star-angel “Witch
Height: 5’2
Age: 15
Fav color: Blue
Fashion: skater\casual
Weapons: Whip, crossbow
Powers: Starlight, magic, energy-bolts etc..

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