Forever and Never Doodles 1 Picture

A handful of doodles of designs for Forever and Never, in a goofier, cartoonier style, with more twisted Pokemon-like designs. Obviously, not all of these are even near finished...

I've got:
The Grundylow, from Old English folklore. Lurks near the waterline of rivers, laks, swamps, etc. and snatches little children. Closest to top right.

The Jengu, whose mythology I can't quite remember. This desing needs to be scrapped/redone completely... A magical mermaid with 'a gap-toothed grin' and 'wooly hair' wasn't enough for me to go on.

The Podo. This is based on my older design. I think I like the older design better.

The Penangallan, now with proper spelling. From Malay mythology, you might notice this is an evolution of Vampetit.

The Antlion, or Myrmecoleon. From Greek myth; part ant, part lion.

The Manticore. Yeah, didn't take this seriously enough...
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