Japanese Mythology Picture

FULL VIEW PLEASE! It looks much better in fullview.

heh, been a while hasn't it??

anyway, I did this when I was at my Family Reunion (fun stuff). Started it not knowing what it was going to be, but it turned into this and I rather like it....the thing is, though, that because of the scanner it's really light and you can't see the details (there are clouds and water under/behind/around her....you just can't really see them).

The myth is something that's mentioned in the beginning of "The Last Samurai", being the bit about how some of the Japanese belive that the gods dipped a blade into the ocean and four perfect dropps fell from it, forming the islands of Japan....and so, that is what is happening here.

I especially like how I did the hair, I think I'll try and do more with pencils like this.

done entirely with art and colored pencils.
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