Crypt004D - Bigfoot Picture

Submission for The Cryptid Files [link]
Update: I fixed one of the fingers so it doesn't look like a sausage, removed a bit of the thigh so it actually connected to the main body, moved the left leg back in space and altered the hands and feet to get rid of unnatural shading. I do not know why the thumbnail looks all messed up.

Name: Bigfoot, Sasquatch

Type: Homonid- apeman

Status: Unclassified

Range (Bigfoot only- different regions have different names): Pacific Northwest, North America; Ranges as far south as Texas and eastward up to parts of the eastern coast of the United States; North into major parts of Canada, fringes within Mexico

Diet: leaves, grasses, berries and other vegetation (eyewitness accounts); unverified omnivore (very few, if any, cases involve a North American Bigfoot consuming flesh)

Termperment: Collective reports paint a portrait of a very dynamic creature with complex emotions and behavioral patterns; a Bigfoot make retreat as soon as it senses that it has been spotted, or it may be equally curious about the individual and stick around for a moment or two. In a few cases the creature has been reported to act in an aggressive manner, but it isn't believed that Bigfoot should be considered as a threat, but rather as a creature that will defend itself in any way possible.

Known to most people from the infamous Patterson/Gimlin Footage, tales have been recounted for thousands of years, and modern day Bigfoot reports continue come in from all across North America. Although each report is different, they all share the same basic details: a large, 7-8 foot tall creature that is covered in reddish-brown hair and walks upright. Theories abound as to what Bigfoot may actually be, ranging from a throwback from another time to an unclassified type of great ape, and although some believe the creature to be pure myth, tantilizing evidence points to the possibility that something incredible walks the remote regions of the continent.

Frame work in Paint
Colored in Photoshop
Total work time: 5 1/2 hours
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