Pandora's Box Picture


"Pandora opened the Box, her curiosity unleashed all Evils, screams and torture filled the air, Nightmare creatures walked the Earth, but then there was The Star of Hope, banishing all fears away..
Pandora's only fault was that she was curious, all people are to some extent, some dont know when to draw the line, sometimes they just want to know, sometimes they just want more, they dont think of what harm it might cause at the end, they are greedy, selfish, lustful, evil beings which all leads us to one conclusion 'Human Nature is the source of all fears'..."..


This Deviantion is an entry for The I Fear contest [link]
When I started working on this one I had something else in mind, then I dont know I felt like doing it this way..
The idea of choosing Pandora's box here was to say that I fear people Anthropophobia, how they would do what ever to get what they want, even if it hurts millions of souls ..

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