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Azrael is the main character in Gift of Inanna (a series I am working on with
Perhaps now would be a good time to explain why the world is in dire straits in GoI. Around the 21st century, an evil cult devoted to changing the world calls upoun the ancient godess, Inanna, who decides to change the world as they ask. It would be her gift to end the corruption and horrors which mankind has brought upoun it's self. So along with a plague here or there, Inanna lets loose hordes of demons and devils from evil realms to punish the humans. Of course, people prayed to god to end this, but their crys for help were never answered.

Fast forward 500 or so years. The shape of civilization has changed. Humans still hang on to their existance in a constant struggle against Inanna's feinds. Europe and Asia have returned to their feudal roots, Africa is left to the animals, South and North America have once again become tribal, and Austrailia is devoid of any life whatsoever, and Antarcica now houses a thriving but isolated community of people. Once the most powerful nation on Earth, the United states was the first to go when all of it's advanced technology was lost, and now its is the poorest.

The tribes of the north American continent are not only made up of native americans, but every other nationality as well. Nobody can tell where their roots lie any more, all they can say is that they are an american. Azrael is becoming an adult, and his family is pressuring him to get married to somebody he has no love for at all. They say that once there was a time when demons did not exist, and everything was bliss, but Azrael thinks that's simply a myth. Sick of all the tradition and forced lifestlye, he leaves his village to seek out a new life.

After a few days, he is ambushed by a horde of feinds. He
figures his life wasted, untill an old man happens along. The man stands in front of the demons, devils and whatnot, and wipes them out with not but simple martial arts. After getting a closer look at the man, Azrael notices he is blind! He asks how he acomplished such an amazing feat with that great a handicap. The man says that he could not see them, but could see their energy flowing through their body, and was able to counter attack even before they knew what they were doing themselves. The man also introduces himself as Ukko, and claims to have lost his sight battling with Innana. She can't be beaten unless her power is deactivated, says Ukko. And her power comes from seven pillars, one for each continent on earth, that are gaurded by the leading members of the cult that summoned her. Those members, immortal themselves, could only be defeated by seven special humans originaly chosen by god himself, and Azrael is on of those humans.

Azrae learns the energy sight technique from Ukko, and his hidden dark flame power is eventualy awakened. BTW,
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