Sea Troll of the Cetus Constellation Picture

Okay here we go. Miraka Cetusu is my sea troll. She is lower than Eridan on the scale color wise [notice how her blood is more blueish in tint].

She is still trying to find a matesprite...she's very afraid of being culled soon if she doesn't find one. she is, after all, at least 9 sweeps. She has a kismesis ship with Andrea [The androemda fantroll of my own] and a Morialship with Nymede Ganges [[link]

The basic core factors of her personality: Honest, mischievous, aloof, loud. She is a troll who enjoys her mythology [especially if it involves sea creatures!] she is also a fan of old world styles, hence her outfit [you can see the black version here: [link] ]

Her outfit, though white above, is one of two outfits she is seen with. The black one is because i was playing with color combos, and liked how it came about. Anyway!

Her typing quirk usually includes her replacing a, e, and i and o's with their greek equivelant:


as seen above

she has no capitalization and tends to abuse the ~ key and the ! key. She's a very playful but slightly intimidating troll and is most comfortable when in the water.

Anyway this troll is very much a playful, if not somewhat vain female. She can be a bit cruel to those of a lower hue than herself [its not her fault, really, that she is of high nobility!]. That and she tends to have a real enjoyment for playing pranks on others and even if they get to out of hand, finds herself unable to give any fucks. She tends to enjoy reading as well, and likes to read up on history and myths. Her lusus is also not free of her pranking.

Though she tends to be carefree and "yolo" in her way of being and living she is very conscious of those around her in an odd way that many would deem "weird". She scrys [Spellng?] occassionally using mirrors or water and tends to see clouded visions. This has often caused her to close off many of her emotions and feelings, because should they come true [if they are real] she does not want to have to handle the burden of being responsible for having knowledge and not telling anyone how to prevent it [perhaps by not telling she is bringing that future to light.]

ANYWAY... in terms of her class should she begin an sgrub session: Seer of Doom

I didn't take no tests to figure this out, it was more of looking at my fantroll and based off her interactions with others.

I can also see her having a doom aspect because of such recklessness and her ability to project things onto others and causing shit to happen. Like she implants it subconsciously into others when she talks to them [probably why her morial Nym always seems to fail at learning how to swim...] but not just that her sign comes from a constelation that was known as a sea monster.

She's in a kismesis with my other fantroll Andrea Andromeda.

But you know...I think the Doom aspect can also be applied to the fact that since she has also dabbled in scrying with mirrors, so perhaps its not to uncommon she would see shadowy futures that could or could not be true.

I'll update this later with some more info once i get more of her personality down <3

Like all trolls she has both a nook and a bulge [Based off this head-canon here: [link] because i really like that head-canon! ]

She also does not wear shoes, hating the way feel. Unless they are sandles.

And thats all i can think of for now @[email protected]
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