Chevalier du Soleil Picture

Jaan Puhvel has said in his "Comparative mythology" (Tartu, 1996) about Archangel Gabriel:

"Character in ancient myth, warriors as pawns in games between the Gods, a noble hero, who is inherited and burdened by faith to commit crimes against all estates, guilty as a serial killer in ritual murders, guilty of AWOL, guilty of being assassin."

It goes on wondering over how they (it was comparing two other mythological heroes too) would see themselves if they were given a second glimps on their actions; on what would happen if thy were given the consious and asked about how could they go and kill thousands of children just because someone wanted them to.

We look at the angels and we see them as some airy creatures with only love and hope to give away (except the ones, who love Angel Sanctuary, but leave that aside for a moment), while they are indeed one of the most frightened assassins ever seen in mythology.

I guess that's why I didn't add wings here and never really liked seeing angels with wings later on. Why I made him a staff instead of a sword, I also can't tell or can't remember - it was done almost 5 years ago. But I distinctly remember making the mask as some personal protector to hide, how he fealt about it and not so much as a protection against the enemy, but against his master, because you can't be a cold blooded murderer if you were seen crying. Now that I think of it, it propably was misslead thought, that angels could feel at all if they were created not to see the horror of their actions, but I so much wanted them to have at least some humanity to realize what they've done. How they dealt with it would then be totally different issue.
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