Anyanwu, Eye of the Sun Picture

For one of my finals I created this game called "Phase be to God". It was basically all about story telling through drawing and performance. The theme that I used was Nigerian (specifically Igbo) myth, and I interpreted some of the Alusi

Alot of these are departures from their traditional imagery. Additionally, their descriptions are definitely inspired by their origins (so there is some accuracy/overlap, but some of the backstory I just made up). I kind of ~breathed in their essence~ and then ~exhaled it into the canvas~


In-game mythology:
This is Anyanwu, The Eye of the Sun.
Anyanwu is the goddess of the sun. She lives in the sun’s core alongside Agbala, who often takes the form of a Black Crowned Crane. Agbala is the Holy Spirit, which is the guardian and manifestation of humanity’s collective chi. Similarly; Anyanwu is a representation of humanity’s ideal image and moral workings. Together they form the cradle of life inside of the sun.

Anyanwu is the “Eye of the Light”, so she functions as a messenger, visionary, and worker of the supreme god, Chukwu. She spreads light throughout the world, but also purifies and burns away destructive forces. Anyanwu’s duty, to bring light into the world, also represents the strength of women. Women are the bridge between the spirit worlds and physical worlds because of childbirth. Similarly, Anyanwu is the bridge between humanity and Chukwu.

Sacred Prompt: Anyanwu favors strong hierarchies of light, understanding of values, and imagery that humanity can understand.


I'm not a big fan of this piece. It was very rushed, and a redo of: [link]
It just needs some more edge control and refineeeeeeee-ment.
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