Beliethal Picture

Beliethal :: The continent all of Temma's mythological creatures were banished to after losing a great war and being forced to leave their home in the forest of Lahc. Brimming with magic and filled with strange and fantastical things around every corner, Beliethal is home to creatures thought only as myth now in Temma. It's connected to the main continent via a narrow strip of tall mountains and frozen sea that join it to the tip of Palania - the border is guarded by a barrier. The rest of the continent is surrounded by a great undersea coral wall, which is guarded by a constant watch of mermaids to keep any ships from passing in or out.

-Reyn, a child satyr. He's too young to be as involved with the ladies as his species usually is, although he does get along best with girls, especially since most tend to look after him like an older sister. Childlike, playful, and sweet, but equally mischievous and rogueish. Loves to dance and play music, and is a very skilled magician.
-Llog, a giant. Although he may appear rough and fearsome, Llog is actually very gentle and tries to use his size to help others, picking fruit from the highest branches and carrying people across streams. He's extremely strong, though, and has to be especially careful not to hurt anyone. However, Llog is not soft - if his friends are threatened, he is a beast in battle with a warhammer the size of an average person. Good friends with Reyn.
-Leemi, a mermaid and one of Beliethal's gatekeepers, in charge of keeping humans out of Beliethal and vice-versa. She's extremely playful, to the point of being frustrating. Giggle, bubbly, and fun-loving, but she takes her job very seriously
-Erra, a snow pixie who fell in love with a Palanian man centuries ago. They were driven apart when she, along with all her kind, were banished to Beliethal. She waited for her lover to met her on the frozen border between Beliethal and Palania, but when he failed to meet her, she cast a curse on him and his family. Spiteful, bitter, and cold, but overwhelmingly sad and lonely deep down.

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