Masked Tennin - Closed Species Picture

-Closed Species-

Name: Masked Tennin

Origin: Tennin were known to be a sort of mythical messenger much like a nymph or faerie in some Japanese mythology. The story of how the name found itself attached to these rabbits is simple. One day when Sir Pardoe (famous naturalist and explorer) lost his travel documents out in the wilderness of the east, a Masked Tennin is rumoured to have delivered his lost document back to him. Whether this is myth or truth it is unknown.
How did the Masked Tennin carry the lost map back to him, they do not have mouths.

Anatomy and Markings:
They are rabbits and anatomically speaking are very similar (mostly).
They have a mask, the mask does not appear to be attached in anyway to hide an actual face, rather it is the face of the rabbit itself and cannot be removed.
- Many masks have different designs and much like the infinate numbers of wild beatles nobody has managed to document all of the possiblitys for markings for the Masks of Masked Tennin.
- These masks are bone and when the Masked Tennin dies are often left behind.

Their front paws only have two claws, while theyr back has three.
All Masked Tennin have short tails without exception.
All Masked Tennin have manes and can at times be mistaken for foxes or Kitsune.

Masked Tennin have no mouths and rather than bite and chew food they are seen to nuzzle plant life and other edible vegetation to absorb the energy's instead. From skeletal remains found, they do have a full set of teeth?

Colours: unknown

Notes: This is still a work in progress this species, many things are still an unknown for me such as colour schemes and the main habitats and environments for Tennin. More will be added in future.


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