Greek Amazon Picture

Ah righty then! After almost two weeks, I've finally got some new stuf to post. I've been eager to post this post for the last couple of days, but I decided to be patient and work on my shading before posting. There's an intresting little story behind this particular pic.

Usually when I create a new OC, I try to be original as possible. For instance, for my cyborg OC, I stated that she was born and raised in Cuba. Honestly, how many characters you know that was born or live in Cuba? Not many, I bet. Anyway, this character started out as a charcter named Jamilia, a Persian ninja-like agent whom carry out covert activities on behalf of her sultan. While I lost interest in the character, I have not lost interest in the concept. The thing about me is that I tend to draw inspiration from the real world. It's hard for me to think of things like space operas and the like even thouigh a few of my OCs is exactly that. With that said, I always liked Greek Mythology and the wild and crazy stuff that goes on. I thought that although this would be a great setting, my issue was that everybody does stuff based on Greek myth. Rarely do you see an OC whom setting is Incan or zulu, for example. I tried to subvent this with concepts like Masozi and Inez Moreno, but for whatever reason, I always think of things in the vien of Jamilia's concept. So I've finally decided to go with the flow so to speak. Not to try and go off the beaten path and stick to traditional concepts. With that said, I am in the middle of posting a bio for this new charater soon.
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