Rasol, the Elysian Sun Pokemon Picture

A deity of ancient myth descends from its holy roost
The silver feathers and golden wings of a bird spruced
It carries the sun between its two horns
Ancient metal pauldron and leg armor it adorns
Its red eyes gaze upon those it forewarns
Of a tale those recall in forlorn
From its rage will rise a benevolent hero against
From this, of course, it would easily have sensed
Its blaze will race all the world in flames
However, these are all just part of its games



I have been trying to "remaster" my artwork, some of which will be submitted to DeviantART. If you are new to watching me, since last year to present, then you may not recognize this.

This is Rasol, originally classified the Egyptian Bird Pokemon, now the "Elysian Sun Pokemon". In Navoa mythology (originally Naiva, now sounding a bit more ethnic instead of Tesivan), Rasol is the elysian Ra-like deity that dwells in the sun and supplies life. It opposed Arceus during the days of the creation of Pokemon, but was defeated when Arceus had taken throne.

Its name is pronounced (rah-sohl), combined with the name of the Egyptian god "Ra", and the Spanish word for "sun", "sol".

Rasol is the trio master of Solaraxy (the Solar Avian), Lunastar (the Lunar Avian), and Stormanova (the Stellar Avian). ...also, the hovering orbs in its split tails and horns are the moon and sun, respectively.

...oh, and this also comes with a poem (when I figure out how to add text under the picture again...).

There will be a resketch of Rasol in the future, in my current style of art.


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