Profile- The Taboo Picture

Roll on the profiles, here's the next guy~

It's another not-so-average monster from mythology, the wendigo!
This guy's name is Ruddell and he's well aware its a dumb name. It is a constant pain to him, but not as much as he's gonna bite your head off if you mock it or something. (But he might anyway if you annoy him, nah just kidding)
He's basically an unbelieveably thin dude who has superstrength and is constantly literally starving yet doesn't need to eat. He was the product of an experiment into creating an unfatiguable soldier via research into what was thought to be a myth, and everyone else in the testing died or went crazy. So it was considered a failure, but at least they got one supersoldier. (Score one for research and development!)
His weapon is the 'concrete block tonfa', which is a concrete block.. on a tonfa. No one else could lift that, but its like a stick to him. He smacks stuff with it. Also developed by research and development. (Yay)
Personality wise he's surprisingly kind. He doesn't wear shoes not because he doesn't like them but because its impossible to find ones that fit.
Eyes: ice blue iris yellow pupil
Hair: dusty brown
Skin: ashy blue
Outfit: purple jacket, brown belt, green trousers, orange bandanna
Species: Wendigo
Powers and abilities: really really strong and agile
Weapons: concrete block tonfa
Power: 10/10 Speed: 10/10 Defense: 10/10 Special: 0/10
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