Spyridon of the Broken World Picture

“Eh, whatever,” Rowan said, swinging around and lifting the wooden block in her arms so Brendan could see it better. “Whatcha think?”
“It’s...what is it?”
Brendan, at least, had been looking. This meant that he caught the newspaper ball before it could smack him in the nose.
“It’s that one Drazi defeatin’ Somethin’ th’ Vorapticus, stupid!”
“Do you mean Caras defeating Thilgram the Voracious?” Clovis asked from his corner, continuing to shape the clay on the wheel between his knees.
“Yeah, what he said,” Rowan replied, indicating Clovis with a sharp movement of her head. Brendan continued to stare down at the flat carving in her arms, somewhat bemused.
“It...Thilgram...has three tails.”
“Well, yeah. It’s in th’ story.”
“And horns. And spurs in its elbows.”
“And four eyes?”
“...it looked good.”
“You carved a relief of an old wizard-man squashing an ugly, deformed Utsuyan-like monster with a staff.”


Spyridon has gone by many names in his time - Thilgram the Voracious, Kazmar World-Eater, and once, memorably, "Ey, Bob" by a particularly drunk member of a now-extinct species. Nobody knows just which of his myriad names is the original, but he does tend to favor Spyridon, so that's as good a guess as any.

For eons, Spyridon and his fellows featured in the darkest parts of world mythologies, often cast in the roles of destructive dieties or demonic forces. Gifted as a species with the otherwise rare ability to walk between worlds, they lived as powerful tyrants and raiders of entire civilizations until, unexpectedly, they encountered a mere handful of beings with the same worlds-walking gift and far more spine than they were accustomed to seeing in their "food."

The Voracious Ones, the World-Eaters, were defeated by these mortals, cast out and trapped in a dead, empty world of poison, rock and ash. Reduced to near-anarchy and eternal hunger by their prison, they faded into mere myth in the memories of the worlds outside, alongside the names of their conquerors.

But now the walls of their prison are cracking, and it won't be long before they are once again free to ravage the infinite universes as they will, and no one, they are confident, could possibly stop them...
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