Hg Shipping Striation City Picture

Background story:
Cress: Then I...
Cilan: You try to poison her for LOVE?
Chili: Ya know Cilan. The myth of Phione's creation. Manaphy was poisoned... *Cilan joins in* To make her fall in love.
Cilan: I know. Cress... stop reading my mythology books.
(Silver's point of View)
Silver: Why here again?
Yesenia: This place is not just a gym, but a restuarnt. So we can eat, and take on the Gym Leaders.
Silver: *smiles* Okay.
(About 20 minutes later, after Yesenia was eating her soup, she covers her mouth and runs to the bathroom [not knowing it was the men's room XD] Silver walks in about 5 minutes later to see Yesenia puking into a toilet.)
Silver: How long have you been here?
Yesenia: (sickly) Far too long Silver...
(5 minutes later, Silver gets a bucket and took Yesenia outside. Cress stops them at the door)
Cress: Did you two enj-
Silver: Enjoy? ENJOY? YOUR FREAKING SOUP POISONED YESENIA! *slaps Cress and stomps out*
Yesenia: *Look back at Cress and weakly speaks* I hate you...
Cress: *turns and starts singing* How could this happen to meeeee?!

Actual description:
I was eating some bread, and found some mold on it. I spit my mouth's content up. When I was finished spiting, I got this idea. (Ideas get me at weird times) So that Gymsturant must be FANCY to have a sink in a bathroom stall! So I tried to make it look real minus the shading, that explain the discoloration of Yesenia's face. And this was a date, so it falls under HeartGold Shipping.

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