First Draft for Persona Picture

Yeah, fanart, evil stuffs. At least, sorta fanart.
Anyway, yesh, so Draco writting some fanfiction on a video game, I think. Anyways, he asked me to create a character to go in his story, and I did, though I still have to upload that sketch. But I do have this one, because evidently from what I gather about this Persona thing they have beings from mythos and the like as their uhh...companions and at their beck and call. Or something. I still have a lot to learn it seems. So yes, my character Sean summons the bat demon of Maya myth, Camazotz. ^-^ So I had to draw it of course.
So yesh, my own design for the creature. And I would like to point out that it does have wings on both sides, instead of the single back wing and the single wing under the arm as drawn, I just left it that way to get a better view of both wings and their designs since this is a first draft thing. So yes, he does have four wings, though I did not show all four.
Also, the open spaces I will be putting text in shortly. For now, fear the bat demon...who looks more like a fruit bat than a vampire, oops. Oh well, I'm keeping the design. *laughs*

Design (c) me, Camazotz is a mythological creature from the Maya culture, and Persona is a video game (c) to whomever it belongs to.
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