Autumn Twilight Picture

Autumn Twilight is a Alicorn deer hybrid from a myth created by native Equestrian deer who live there before the ponies.
Her Mythos was that she would to eat the nightmares of good children then give them to bad children. In other versions of the story she would turn bad children into sweets when she cracks her tail like a whip against the ground, then feeds them to good children, or she'd just eat bad children all together and good children just didn't get eaten.
She is often depicted as a graceful deer, during twilight with her long tail off the ground, wings half open, head down, eyes shut, because it was also believed that her eyes held dreams and she only opened them to give good dreams to those who prayed "Autumn Twilight give me dreams, as sweet as your songs." before sleeping. In the stories told about her she was never shown to have a cutie mark.

She is often considered to be just a myth, but many deer even some ponies have said that they have heard her singing, or even saw her in their dreams.
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