Sios the betta Picture

Okay, to head off any complaints, this WILL be a finished work, it is a work in progress, I did not put it in sketches or scraps because no one ever looks there. And yes, he is an anthro, a fish. A betta to be exact, so the full image, yes, will show much more animal traits.
Now, moving on from that. This is the start of a picture of a new character of mine inspired by my own betta. A pearl white and blood red mottled crowntail betta, looking much like pearl scales spattered in blood. His name is Sios, a transformed betta. The idea behind them is, you hear stories of kitsune and tanukis transforming, even taking the shape of humans, but you never hear any stories at all of fighting fish, no trace of them in any asian cultural art that I've heard of, even though thier native habitats are asian rice fields. These jewels hide in the mud during dry seasons, creating a coccoon of slime to trap moisture in with them, hibernating until the next rainy season when they emerge again. It's why they are fiercely competitive and will drive out or kill other males in their territory, to protect waning puddles as the rice field dries in the off season. Yet you see nothing of them in asian art, always taking a back page to koi.
So, hence from my mind came Sios's kind in a sort of mythological myth, one that never actually existed. One where bettas are so secretive that no human had ever chanced to see one transformed, yet they could, intelligent and fierce warriors, fighting over the best water laden and flooded fields, trying to attract females and scare off other males with their brilliant displays of color, size and aggression.
Gems of the rice fields.
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