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Some of you may remember Riya from long, long, long ago... [link] Well she's certainly changed over the years, and aren't we glad.
This was inspired by a number of things. My markers were sitting out on the floor after I had shamelessly prostituted them by using them for a school project. And, well, I hadn't used them for non-school purposes in, it pains me to say this, almost three years. I sucked so badly when I used them the first time that I kind of promised myself I would never use them again.
But as I was looking at them sitting forlornly in their little box, I got to thinking, well what would it hurt to try again? I was, after all, 14 last I tried to use them. Maybe, just maybe, I've gotten a little better.
So I got some paper and doodled suckily with them a little, and then got my pencils and started playing with blending them, then I got out my sketchbook and doodled this. I know it's not very markerly looking, but I did use them on like her arm and face and stuff... well, it's a big step for me anyway.
So I've vowed to start using my markers a little more. You know, baby steps. Then maybe someday I'll be brave enough to buy more colors and do more things with them.
Oh, and if you were wondering what the other thing that inspired this was, I watched a special on SG-1 mythology last night, and I got to thinking about the myths surrounding the kyrié. They're my most undeveloped race, so I gave them a bit of history and stuff, which means you'll probably be seeing a lot more of them around.
Anyway, that's all.
"But, Superintendent Hogben--"
*hangs up*

Prismacolor markers + pencils, PS, 1 1/2 hours

Riya (c) moi
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