Yuki-Onna Picture

This is my interpretation of the Yuki-Onna~ I wanted to use this for the Mythical T-shirt contest, but I ran out of time. I had the design finished and everything! Oh well.

For those of you who don't know, the Yuki-Onna is a Japanese spirit that dwells in snowy areas. There are many stories of her killing travelers. There are several different versions of her. Some say she carries something resembling a baby. Some say she preys on men, seducing them before taking their life. The only thing we know for sure about her appearance is her black hair, blue lips, and her white near transluscent skin. She is depicted as either wearing a white kimono or nude. She never leaves footprints, and it's speculated whether she has feet at all. If she feels threatened she can turn into mist or snow to escape.

Now, I'm thinking of making another picture of her, but combining a couple different versions of her. In this one, however, I tried to go more for a kimono-clad wanderer type feel. Perhaps seducing her victims or maybe just tricking them into thinking she's lost. I added color to parts of the kimono to help bring out her appearance slightly as well as tried to give her a ghostly glowing looking. The last thing I should point out is that I drew her kimono to fold the way they fold kimonos when preparing bodies for funerals. I did this for two reasons. 1) I personally just think it makes her a tiny bit creepier, and 2) one of the myths says she could be the ghost of woman, rather than just spirit that takes the form of a woman.

The symbols at the top say Yuki-Onna.
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