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Old works, I never this submitted to a group since I feel no fit to any group for this...

"Behold, the Animistic Creation Deity of the Tagalogs, so revered that he appears
the most in various versions of the Tagalog and Visayan creation myths, he was
known as the Weather God of the primordial Sky to the Tagalogs as Bathala and
to the Visayans as Kaptan. The enemy of Bakunawa, Ulilang Kaluluwa, Aman Sinaya
and Maguayen. Now he has been reduced to a simple cultural moto "Bahala Na"
But the God of the Tagalogs has returned to wreak the System of Exodium as he
did in Mytherium and impose the rule of the Diwatas and Anitos along with his cousin
Gods of all ethnicity of the Philippines. It won't be long till all Nations of the World
fall to the Gods that come true from the oral literature of our past myths...

Myth is the end of Progressive Civilization now.. Astralite Era is upon us..."

Trinity Nine (C) PHDsciencefan
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