Maiden of the Vanir Picture

Eet's Loki's lovely wife Sigyn! perhaps..
Who according to norse myth may have been one of the Vanir, which was an alternate tribe of gods that the Aesir conquered and subsumed in their culture long ago. So er.. I chose to interpret them as dark skinned. (..otherwise its a total aryan fest up there save for the occasional redhead..)
Vanir were meant to be more chilled out guys with nature powers and fortune telling... except the aesir already have gods of nature and fortune telling. And basically everyone has some agricultural subdomain (even Thor was also a fishing god!) So.. they're really exactly the same.

She's weilding the mighty Open Chain (gleipnir), which is a feather-light silk ribbon impervious to all damage by man or magic alike. It can also seal anything and changes size (so it would be able to bind shapeshifters). Sigyn won its alliegance as her soul weapon by being the person to break its seal on Fenris.
Loki and Thor: *five hours of smashing stuff on the chain*
Sigyn: ..what about just untying it?
And thus proving that the power of common logic is a valuable thing amoungst this pantheon of gods..
When its affixed to her arms, Sigyn can move the ribbons around like tentacles and use them to shield her from attacks and/or bind other people's powers. Also they can change colour. Which is fun.

And her fashion theme is old fashioned flapper dresses, just cos its random. She doesn't really look the part without a bob haircut and a hat though
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