Fable, The Ancient of History and Mythology Picture

As the Ancient of History and Mythology, it is Fable's job to keep track of everything that happens and document it. He not only documents History but Myths as well. He's always very busy and he tends to be a workaholic. He panics whenever he has a day off because he feels like he's missing an extreme amount of important information. As a result of this kind of thinking, Fable is an insomniac as well and he usually spends his night documenting history. He gets excited whenever he finds rare documents or scrolls because he loves history so much. He has found evidence through the historical and mythological stories he's created that suggest that this isn't the first time a being like the Blackbird has existed. He stores all of his books in the libraries in Hydros' and Epiphany's domains. Fable also occasionally visits the library in Thanatos' domain as well. He lives in the attic of Hydros' Library in the Land of the Ancients (the "gods" home world).

The Ancients are "gods" that I desgined. They are ALL supposed to be MALE, but I only have a female model to work with D:

CreateShake is the app I used and it is NOT mine!
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