Dusma Character Reference Picture

(I'm going to send it to scraps later! I just need this here really quick!)

This is a character I created for fun to fit in with certain mythologies.

Name: Dusma
Species: Canine-like spirit/apparition
Animal/anthro or both: Animal, but body can be insubstantial
Gender: None


- Eyes: White
- Main color coat: White
- Hair/mane: Mane is black on ends and funnels down into a thin stripe on back. Mane fades to white.
- Markings: Dusma's face, feet, tail, and ears are black. Dusma's nose is translucent white.
- Tatoos: n/a
- Scars: n/a
- Physical particularities: breathes clouds of bluish grey mist from nose.
Personality: Dusma is a benevolent spirit that appears to lead lost travelers away from the Cu-Sith (of Scottish myth) and back onto their paths home.
Jewelry/Clothing/: n/a
Preferred Mood/Theme: Ethereal, calm, and graceful.
Preferred Enviroment: Moors and highlands.
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