Creative Homework #3 (end) Picture

So this was my last photoshop project of this session, that I couldn't find in my files for a while (don't ask).
We had to create a movie poster for a horror film inspired by an ancient mythology talking about hell having numerous stages descending more and more to the center of the earth, if I remember correctly..

I couldn't find the final version of the work, so I'll leave you this unfinished one;
But don't worry, the only thing that was left for me to do was the movie title, which I COMPLETELLY FORGOT--
It was supposed to be in the dark area in the bottom.

Every elements in this picture was found in a separate photo. It took me 3 textures to create the background wall, 2 textures duplicated many times to create the black cloud shadow thingy in the bottom. c:

Something dark for you guys this time heh ~~
Maybe I'll edit this later if I remember the myth one day..
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