Famine Picture

In one of the myths that our teacher told us was that of the Harvest goddess, Demeter and King Erysichthon. So spoiler alert for this cause I will tell you a short hand version of

In which the king chops down a sacred tree to Demeter. She gets mad at him for doing this, knowing it's significance, and sends a Nymph to the home of the goddess, Famine. She's described as to have sunken eyes, stringy hair, and is found clawing the sand for food. Famine goes to the King and gives him a never ending hunger. The king starts eating everything. Trades his treasures for food, so now he's poor. And in the end he is left with nothing to eat but himself...and I shall leave it at that >w>;

Famine's design belongs to me
Famine does not though
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