Erinyes Picture

more commonly referred to as 'furies'--their Roman name--Erinyes were Greek mythical beasts appearing as winged women that were the physical incarnations of anger, grudges, vengeance, and other generally mad, negative emotions. in my own personal metaverse of stories, i've altered them quite a bit, also fusing them with the similarly birdlike harpy.
the less-than-completely-covered woman in the background is a female fury, commonly called a harpy (as previously implied, harpies were separate creatures in actual mythology). her name is Lilith, after Adam's first wife in some biblical myths, and commonly used as a demoness representation of the carnal sin of Lust. the song Maneater by Nelly Furtado was playing as i drew her, which heavily influenced both her appearance and her personality. she is a villainess.
the other fury is a male, smaller, weaker, and far less... unpleasant than his female counterparts. in short, he's not going to eat you like Lilith would. despite his emo personality, he's also a heroic character. his name is Savage.
i should point out that these two are in human-shaped guises here. their true forms stay truer to the typical avian visage, with their bodies covered in feathers, talons for feet, and claws on their arms. the physical description borrows heavily from harpies. in human form, Lilith attacks enemies with whips while Savage uses mystical cards (like from a deck) that double as throwing blades a la shuriken.
they can also use those claw-glove-wtf they are things that you can see on their hands in this image.
i drew these two on a whim, so they didn't have a story at first. i briefly considering giving them their own story, but i've since decided to make them fit into my In Shining Armor storyline much later on as additional characters. i plan on posting more art of ISA on here soon--i'm feeling unusually artistic, so i'll draw something in the next few days.


and not to be shallow or non-self-flaming or anything, but i really like how their hair turned out. particularly Savage's. first decent thing i've drawn since school let out.
now that it's almost back... *sob*
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