I'm Not Crying... Picture

...it's just been raining...on my face.

This is a reproduction of one of my first ever designs. I was going for a 'traditional' garden look, as it had been described to me by my boss at East Wind.

Apparently, the stones in zen gardens are meant to symbolize islands, and the lines that you draw around them are meant to symbolize waves. But the 'waves' off any 'island' should never eclipse the waves of a bigger island. So, first you draw the lines around the smallest island, and so on, to the biggest one. And doing this is thought to improve finances. Does it actually? Who knows?

Anyway, the way I did the original islands had a kind of randomness to it that it made me think of watching raindrops hit a puddle. I tried to recreate that feeling here, with, I think, mixed results.

I like to compare it to the Japanese origin myth: that the gods, or 'kami', dipped a blade into the ocean, and when they pulled it out, the water that built on the tip of the blade fell and became the four perfect islands of Japan (which, if true, is probably why their attempts at colonialism have been so stymied, and vice versa).
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