The Phoenix Picture

Another piece I should've uploaded sooner, but just like the previous one I was too busy to finish it, although I kinda also scanned this one around the same time the first!

Right. What do we see here though? My character, all tattered and wounded again, but with what seems to a golden bird perched on his hand?
That is the phoenix - mythological bird of Ancient Egyptian origin!
So, what does that mean?
Our ancestors were known to be sea-faring merchants, but throughout the course of history their cities has been burnt to the ground seven times! And even after seven times of destruction, they were rebuild time and time again for life to begin anew!
Because of those exploits, our ancestors are now known as the Phoenicians!
They were called so after the mythological phoenix. Why? Because according to myth, it is said that the phoenix can live for a time and grow so old and then die. And when they die, they burst into flames and become nothing more than charred ash, but from these ashes they can rebirth themselves to begin life anew! Sounds like something I already said, doesn't it?

The scene you see here is something like any direct post-war scene you see in any of the badly bombarded Southern Lebanese cities, plus the southern Dahieh area of Beirut. This piece is another symbol, a telling that no matter how much they may try to destroy, we'll simply keep on rebuilding time and time again to begin life anew, just like our ancestors before because it is in our blood - the life of a phoenix!
The bird perched on my character's hand is not visible to the outsiders 'cause it is actually within his soul. In other words, I drew the spirit inside exposed!
It is such a great symbolism, and the best part about it that it is real, and it is ancient!

Artwise, I kinda did most of the background coloured in plain white on purpose so all focus goes to the golden phoenix. I drew some figures too to add that there will always be someone to mock the ruins because they really mean nothing for nothing can break this nation's spirit!
I kinda kept this piece in its pencil form to give it that effect of "mysticness"; it kinda worked well with another patriotic piece from the past.
I put quite a lot of effort into the background details! This is one of my most detailed works yet!
You may also be wondering about the graffiti. That "Made in the U.S.A." pun is actually quite a common sight in the real ruins of the southern Dahieh area of Beirut.
Who do you think gave green light and such a GREAT support for Israel to bombard us like they did?
I'm not blaming any of you if you are American, but don't you realise that most people does blame a whole nation when they truly believe it all goes back to the U.S. government?
The other black graffiti is Arabic. It likely that most of you don't know what is says, let alone what it means.
Okay, it says "sa'meedoun!!", and it means "[We are] steadfast!!", as in we are steadfast against any negative blows that comes at us!
It's been cried a lot by kids on the streets during the war if you like to know.

I sure hope, like the previous, you enjoy this piece in its form, as well as the idea behind it.

Download the full version!!
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