OC: Takama and Mezame Picture

Older Brother Little Sister

Surname: Uchiha Surname: Uchiha
Name: Takama Name: Mezame
DOB: August 21 DOB: June 26
Zodiac: Leo Zodiac: Cancer
Age:16 Age: 6
Village: Konoha Village: Konoha
Nature: Fire Nature: Water

Physical Appearance

Hair: Taupe Mauve Hair: Black
Eye: Green Eye: Green
Shirt: Celedon Shirt: Sky Blue
Pants: Cool Grey Pants: Yellow


Takama's hair is almost the same shade as his grandpa's hair, Kizashi Haruno.

I thought Uchiha's dominant black eye color tradition should change and ended up having both their eyes be green like their mother's.

How awesome would it be to see the green eyes change to red when they activate their sharigan?

In honor of Sasuke's mother (Mikoto) and Sakura's mother (Mebuki), I wanted to give their daughter a name starting with an "M."

Mezame means Awakening and to me, it represents Sasuke's new life. It represents a point in Sasuke's life where he can move on from the past and toward a brighter future with so much love and happiness. Daughters have a way to brighten their papa's day no matter what. From experience I know how lovable baby girls are. Sasuke's relationship to Mezame will be very much like a Pitbull and a Baby Chick x3

Takama is short for Takama-ga-hara which means Plain of High Heaven. I've noticed how a lot Naruto terms derived from Japanese Myths so I had the bright idea to search through Japanese myths to find a name that was suitable. Like Mezame's name, Takama's name gives off a bright feeling. Which goes well with Sasuke's Yin personality. There were a lot of names I could have picked from, but Takama-ga-hara stood out because it was the one of the few Japanese mythology names/terms that didn't have a dark meaning/definition. I like to imagine that Itachi and his parents are in heaven. It gives off a feeling of forgiveness and acceptance. I think Sasuke would like that. :}

As Mezame grows older she becomes a bit more attached to her older brother, thus the rivalry between father and son.

Sakura, loves both of her babies and has a good relationship with both of them.

Sasuke finds himself fighting over his daughter and wife with his son.

Takama being the first born was loved by both his parents, of course, but even as a baby Takama didn't like sharing his mom. As Takama grows older he's less clingy to his mom, but will always love her like how Sasuke was with his mother when he was little.

Mezame and Sakura have a healthy mother and daughter relationship, with a few arguments hear and there. Almost like Sakura and her mother but much less severe.


Takama's and Mezame's deviantart debut post a small request

Will post Mezame when she's a genin along with Ino's son later

Here it is OC: Mezame and Hato
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