Kenta the Dragon Picture

This is my third Spyro fan-made dragon scan. And this is actually my second scan I did today. This was once again also 5 MB just like the other 2 pictures and now, I got this. I used Crayola Markers, A Black Gel-Pen and some Crayola Pencils.

Full Name: Kenta Takimoto
Japanese Katakana Name: ケンタ・タキモト (Shown on Drawing)
Japanese Kanji Name: 健太滝本
Romaji Name: Kenta Takimoto
Color: White
Scale Color: Yellow
Wings: Light Blue
Outer Wings: Sky Blue
Horns Color: Periwinkle
Eye Color: Black
Tail shape: Gold-Cross
Under belly: Blue
Age (In Human ages): 19
Birth date: June 4
Region born: Japan
Accessories: Golden Cross Necklace
Main Weapon: Sliver Sword w/ his Teal Sword case (shown in picture) He can equip many different weapons.
Sub-weapons: He can use many souls from defeated enemies and monsters.
Elements: Various
Preferred Japanese actor: Hikaru Midorikawa (緑川 光)
Preferred English actor: Doug Erholtz
Personal Quote 1: "Hello. I am Kenta Takimoto, and I have finished High school last year and now a college student who is working hard with my studies in my home country of Japan, where other Dragons attend. I live close to a Miyazaki temple which is an ancient shrine with strong ties to Japanese legends and myths. Karen Miyazaki, the only daughter of the shrine's caretaker, is both my classmate and my only friend that I made, throughout my childhood."
Personal Quote 2: "Who the heck are you calling a hatchling? That's very disrespectful of you, Grand-pops.
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