WWWC 1 Ancient Sumer, Egypt, and Israel Picture

Jack design copyrighted to Ben Caldwell.
The cover of Wild Wild Western Civilization Issue #1: Sumer, Egypt, and the Founding of Israel! Finished unexpectedly late!
Jack is the guy with the clock and Amanda and Alex are at the top. I'm not going to explain the full plot of the series (as in, Alex and Amanda and Jack) because, until the comic is officially published, I don't want anyone to steal the idea (which I'm kinda stealing it from this old show I used to watch so warning to hackers: you might get sued by both me and the people who wrote that old show).
Fun facts:
*Khufu was so pampered that it's not a surprise he decided to build the biggest pyramid in Egypt! He was even named after the Egyptian creator of humanity, Khnum!
*Ammurapi is most famous for creating the first law system in the world, but one lesser known thing about him is that he created the world's first myths too! His is the first recorded mythology book ever! Even if he did only mean it as a prologue to his laws. XD "Epic fail, guyz!"
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