CoM || Sabell Picture

sabell is basically the twin of another character, i'll be writing his app down soon.


{ Name } sabell
⌑ nicknamed 'crush'

{ Age } 18 in human, 54 naga years.

{ Gender } biologically male, considers self non-binary


{ Height } 5'8" in sealed, reaches up to 7'5" in fated but prefers to keep himself at 5'6"
{ Weight } 145lbs sealed; 235lbs fated

{ Hair } dark brown/black hair in sealed, pink in fated

{ Eyes } blue in all forms, just a different shade.


{ Species } naga; though considered a deity in certain religions, they can also be considered half human, half serpent in mythology, claimed to tend towards negativity. Some call them the 'persecutors of all creatures.' and claim that they were dead set on murdering livestock and other things of the sort.

{ Abilities }
Calm-mind; focusing his energy into one source and clearing his mind of bad energies, this helps him with not only helping himself but helping others around him to create a more positive atmosphere.
Death-grip; the only 'effective' damaging attack that sabell has. he wraps his tail around the enemy and squeezes, though this tires him out quickly and often has to take cover soon after due to being weak.

The Chancel

{ Title } Cleric

{ Class } D-Class

{ Partner } [insert partner here]


{ Occupation} aside from being keeper, he works at a flower shop to keep up his human life.

{ Region } western


{ Personality }
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