Year of the Engkantos Picture


Coming 2007
Year of the Engkantos

The English Translations on the words
written on this poster for the benefit
of my non-tagalog speaking friends over here.
This is just one of the series of promotional posters
for my upcoming personal indie comicbook
project here in the Philippines to be release
next year.The project has now an on-going
pre-production process including the research aspect.
But the Whole Synopsis and Summary has already been done.
Some of the Chapters has already been done also.Scripts are
also done in parralel and some character sketches.I already talk
to some of my friends to be a part of this special project.
This poster will also appear on the 1st Philipiine Graphic
Fiction Awards (Please Read more on my present Deviation Journal).
Together with my personal appearance on the
convention and the selling of Extra Verse:Genesis 1 from
Modern Myth Press(Please refer to my featured deviation)

Here's a little plot on the story:
Its about the Battle of Engkantos.
Its a Graphic Novel focusing on ancient
tribes and warriors in the archipelago
and later on became Encantos .Its a story
of a lost Rockstar who later on discover
that he has a blood of an Enkanto.
He will be contributing on the Big Battle
of the Enkantos that will determine the
fate of Earth.This will be in pure Tagalog
and a combination of Philippine Dialects.

Engkantos are Mythological/Mystical beings
on Philippine Mythology.

The words written on the poster are just simply
the very essence of the story of the book.The center
image is an insignia significant to the storyline.No its not
a Hydra but rather a Mythological Firesnake.

The comicbook will try to establish a new trend and
and make a difference on just a usual one.I know its
a big ambition and well eventually end to series of criticism
but one thing for sure, we will offer a lot on this book.
From story line to the art itself, surely we are hoping to create
a critical creation of comicbooks.I know this will lead us to a lot
expectation on the readers, but we will give you the best shot we can.
That's why it will have a whole year production process.

That's all for now.Hope to see you all on the First Philippine Graphic
Fiction Awards this July 15th this Saturday.

And a little bit of deviation:
For those wanted to have a reservation on ExtraVerse:Genesis1 ,
please note me down on this account or simply send an email to [email protected]
so that I can put you on the reservation list.I will only have a limited copies of
the Genesis 1 due to this unexpected schedule of us.

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