MONY other major characters Picture

Other major characters I plan to have in monsters of new york to appear alongside Luna, Tex, October and Taran. From left to right.....

Syx (bottom) and Shade (top)- Ever hear those myths revolving around the devils son with large emphasis on the numbers 666? Well, that would be Syx. He's just beginning to roam the earth with his pet imp, Shade. Everyone says Syx is supposed to bring about the end of the world.... but Syx is just too dang lazy to care about earth's destruction. Instead, he wants to have his own fun playing tricks on people. Not only is Shade his pet, but the little imp also acts as a guardian, ally, and somewhat of a brother to Syx.

Pheonyx- A mythological creature sealed in human form. Many who have seen her would call her a criminal or a gangster. While not necessarily evil, she does have a rather temperamental side when dealing with certain people. Many have tried to kill her, and believed themselves to have succeeded... until they see her aim a tommy gun at their heads the next day. She leads a gang of other mythological creatures and makes it a point to look after them, as they are the only family she really knows.

Galvin- A young boy pieced together from the parts of dead bodies. A frankenstein monster. Galvin is a rather isolated soul who merely wants to find others who he can relate to. But one must wonder who created the young creature.

Kujo- A werewolf who in a fit of panic on his first transformation ended up attacking his family when he was trying to get help from them. Now he wanders the graveyard, isolating himself from others.... and seemingly protecting something.
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