Pandora's Box Picture

My first piece for my concentration in AP Studio Art. I focused on greek myths for the concentration, and it was really fun to explain the story behind the piece each time. That, and I believe telling the story distracted my teacher from how bad the pieces were. So, mission successful.

Basic Info:
Myth: Pandora's Box
Medium: Acrylic Paint, Ink
Time: ~3 hours
Notes: Man, do I love contrasting color schemes far too much.

So, abridged version of the myth. Pandora's box, you gotta know this one! Pandora is given a mysterious box to safeguard (or maybe it was given to her husband?) under the condition that she never open it. Sadly, her curiosity won out, and she opened the box, releasing all of the ills of the world. She closes the box before everything get's out, however, and manages to save hope. Therefor, we shall always have hope against the evils of the world.
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