Lyra Heartstrings Picture

a pony i can relate to, a pony that believes, that researches in something everyone else believes is myth, a stupid little fable... but i can relate, i have an interest in different ancient civilizations, myths and silly songs, people stand me out because i simply like these things, i think that's why i liked her so much, because she is a relatable by the fact that she stands out for her interests and obessions... ((which i think is very awesome!))
before i never even knew who she was... but one day i bought a little mystery mlp box for a mystery my little pony character! i was really hoping for a glow in the dark derpy or vinyl
but once i found out it was lyra i did a little research and i instanley fell inlove! i loved how she stood out, how her spark of interest in humans, her excessive research! i loved how nothing bothered her about humans, though it is true that we humans eat meat... most of us anyway.
and her edgy relationship with her mom, i have the same problem, my mom doesnt get how much i love my little ponies, aliens, mythological beasts and a multiple of other fandoms apart from mlp...
i really like this character, which makes it kinda ironic why i got her in a mystery mlp!

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