Ambre Inganno Picture

Ambre Inganno
Age: 50 Asorian Lunar Cycles
Gender: Female
HubName: textbookGnostic
Role: Sage of Time
Incipisphere Planet: Land of Spices and Shrines
Dream Planet: Derse
Guardian Spirit: Nezumi [The Mouse]
Blood color: Turquoise [Under anonymity]
Fetch modus: Memory
Strife specibus: PistolKind

Your name is AMBRE INGANNO.

Your SHELL is located in a SPRAWLING CITY, so the sound of urban noises is like MUSIC TO YOUR EARS. You have a vast fascination for STEAMPUNK.

You have a habit of STUDYING MYTHOLOGY, connecting the past and present with SAID EVENTS LINKED TO THE MYTHS.

Your strife specibus is PISTOLKIND, and you find that your FLARE GUN can be very volitaile to blind enemies.

Your HubName is textbookGnostic, and YOU alternate BETWEEN all CAPS and NO caps, AND replace PERIODS with &

[Turquoise blood is a mutation, and is highly regarded as 'sacred'. THose born with it are said to have magical/psychic abilities. I thought I'd give it to Ambre to fir for her Sage of TIme status quo]
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