Jan Pieterzoon sketch Picture

While I finish the sketches of the last 5 pages of the 2nd chapter of the comicbook I wanted to first, remind you that I'm like still alive XD And second, to introduce another canon character of VTM universe who will appear in my comicbook.

May I present Jan Pieterzoon. He is the last of the trio of major characters who will appear as canon characters of note. While Ecatarina is a humanist who can inspire a peace between humans and vampires and Beckett is an archaeologist of secret knowledge and intelligence, Jan Pieterzoon is a character who applies political pressure. He is a political being, he knows vampires from their softest side, he is also an influential in the mortal arena, making him a perfect mediator between vampires and humans, should they become aware of vampires. Pieterzoon is a Vampire of Clan Venture and an elder himself (I think)
He does however has his own demons, Pieterzoon is a crusader, an archon. He simply despises any mythology and Noddism and is in a constant quest for burning all the books and followers of this stuff, including Sabbat. My comicbook depicts Caine and antediluvians and (to my personal disgust) creationist view of vampirism as real, factographic, while in actual VTM universe its a legend and a myth, a phantom menace that may or may not be real and may or may not appear. Pieterzoon is one of those vampires that are skeptical and deny all mythologies and unproven history of vampires, including Noddism and the belief in Caine's story. I will not spoil what will happen, but it is sure that Caine and Pieterzoon will not be fond of each other. To Caine Peterson is too valuable a resource to just slaughter as what is simply a rebel, and to Pieterzoon Caine is just a poser, an elder vampire that conjures an aura of power and authority in a mad quest for global domination, worst of all a promethean one.

Yeah, the "Masquerade" in Vampire the Masquerade is quite the popular thing. To live with humans hand in hand in mutual awareness is as controversial and radical an idea to modern vampires as making people fight to the death in an arena for us humans today. It's just not done and everyone thinks the way things are now is the best cause it works now and worked for centuries and it seems not to be the case only in ancient lore, myths and stories no vampire survived to speak of.

Edit: OK I'm better now, finished XD
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