The Alluring Nix Picture

[EDIT] Lightened up the colour of the text a little

This is for the Mythical Creatures Design Challenge! were we are supposed to make a T-shirt design based on mythology/folklore [link]

And with me being from the north, my mind just went straight for the Norse myths and tales.

NØKK (river sprite)

This creature is a water being, found in lakes and rivers. It can turn up as a handsome young man playing the fiddle or the harp so beautifully that people go into the water without recognising that they can’t swim, and then they drown. Other times he shows himself as a white horse, walking invitingly near the river- or lakeside, but if you try to ride this horse, he will jump directly to the bottom of the water with you. He can also be seen as a ghastly head with glowing eyes, easily taken for a small island with red lights. Guess what happens if you try to enter the ”island”!

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