caught by the pete Picture

here is my character akuma as a zwarte piet bringing presents but he saw that this girl was peeking so he warns her for being naughty because in the book of the ol sint he saw what she had done for bad things trough the year but everyone is rebelious and he knows that ofcourse but the young pete just likes the girl X3

Akuma©KamuraIzunaiAkuma-Claudia Arends
tala© Mythological-Fantasy or just myth

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(pps the holliday sinterklaas or in english saintnickolas is a old dutch holliday and the pete is already more then 300-200 years his friend and helper because the saint is old and forgets things and the pete is young and very smart and very acrobatic and so on but also very stern if he needs to be it so and he wears clothes only a guy could get if he was becoming a knight in the future so like a noble ^.^ o and tala isn't small but akuma or in this case pete is very tall XD)
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