Rock Cats Ref. Sheet Picture

ack, i worked so hard on these. this is a CLOSED species, please do not create your own.

notice: rock cats are sterile meaning they CANNOT breed.

rock cats tend to stay clear of humans. however they can be tamed by giving them rocks of their own kind, eg. giving a piece of flint to a flint rock cat. once tamed they tend to be very protective of their human master. even when tamed, they are hard to control and will sometimes attack other humans, especially if it is a human their master dislikes. they tend to be on edge around humans in general so they are not often kept as pets, though they do make great "guard dogs".

in the wild rock cats tend to be lonesome creatures though they do travel together from time to time. during the winter when prey is scarcer they tend to split up but in the spring and summer when food is not as much of a problem, rock cats tend to be less on edge and therefore more likely to socialize. when they do socialize, rock cats tend to travel in groups of thirteen.

in the past when humans were more superstitious rock cats were thought to be the devil's acolytes due to their ghoul-like appearance and unfortunate favoring of the number thirteen. some called them devil's cats. they were hunted to near extinction during the 1690s when witch trials and superstition was at a peak in the americas.

they mainly live on mountains or in canyons, or anywhere where there is a lot of exposed, uncut stone. rock cats are carnivores and aren't picky; they will eat nearly anything they can catch. and if they can't catch anything, they can scavenge. their diet is quite adaptable.

there are older legends about rock cats however that put them in a different(and perhaps more fair) light. the myths tell of three rock cat gods: ignious(igg-knee-us), setamentra(set-ee-meant-ruh), and metamorphia(met-uh-morph-ee-uh). the first rock cat gods were ignious and setamentria. ignious was the god of fire and lava and setametria was the goddess of water and the oceans. together they created the rock cats as a way to honor the landmass that was their home. afterwards they fell in love and produced a daughter, metamorphia. but soon after her birth they began to quarrel.

you see, ignious was only comfortable in fire while setametria was far more happy to live in the sea. they could not live together and they both longed to have their daughter with them. it was like a modern custody battle. and though they were minor gods, their battles still had a great impact on the earth.

metamorphia had grown into a cunning and kind goddess who hated to see her parents battle so. seeing that they were on the brink of destroying any mortal that was caught in the crossfire, she knew she had to do something. and so the goddess cast herself into the earth, trapping herself within the molten core to be sure her parents had no reason to battle. she lived on to become the goddess of the earth and grew to be far more powerful and wise than her parents.

ignious and setametria returned to sanity from the madness that had caused them to fight. worried that their creations would repeat their mistake, and so they made the rock cats sterile. that earned rock cats their third title, melancholy cats, from this fable, though it was unclear whether it was out of pity for their creators or their lack of an ability to raise a family that coined this name.
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