Banshee Picture

A Banshee if you try to freely translate would be something as a "howling spirit". The name and form as well as the nature of a banshee is described in several myths and in almost all of the mythologies. They all have one thing in common,a general atribute of a Banshee - posession. A Banshee is a spirit bound to material planes cuz of a strong feeling that kept them away from reaching peace(hatred,envy,love). A Banshee is trapped and tortured,not existing in material realm but unable to leave to the "other side",the materia self tortures a banshee,in its pain and suffering Banshee yawns,moans and scream,howls endlessly looking for a way to end it's torment. A banshee can only be exorcised by settling the "unfinished business" that keeps the Banshee bound to this world.

Banshee is a direct image of the dieing person,so it looks just like the corpse in the casket looks at the time.(by one version,the other is the banshee takes form of it's purest self).

Banshees use their ethereal form to posess the frail human minds,taking over their bodies,easing the torture.
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