Set Picture

The Egyptian god Set.

Set is generally regarded as the god of darkness and chaos; to call him the god of evil is kind of oversimplifying it, IMO. I don't view him as evil, just as...well...very jealous and perpetually pissed off. I think you would be too if your older brother was always getting all the attention, and if you looked like this.

Anyway, Set finally got fed up of always being in his brother Osiris's shadow, and killed seize the throne of Kemet. He later had to contend with Osiris's son, Horus...but according to a little-known myth, and an unwritten story of mine, he later ends up helping Horus out immensely against an even greater threat.

This is a somewhat older drawing of Set from when I was first figuring out how to draw anthro style; I forgot to give him his earrings and draw the hair on top of his head!!
Set is from Egyptian mythology, but this representation is copyrighted to me.
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