Kevat Picture


One of the three self-portrait paintings.
The theme for this one is forest. Late spring is my favourite season (the woods are freshly blooming and is full of singing of the songbirds) so I wanted to paint that sort of landscape in background. I like the cuckoo bird, because it's calling reminds me of my childhood, so I painted the bird as well.

I also wanted to bring some inspiration from myths and fairytales into these paintings, which has affected to clothes as well. This one is inspired naturally by the forest maidens and other woodland creatures of that sort (again also Finnish mythology includes them as well). Besides green is one of my favourite colours and a distinct symbol for nature.

Acrylics on canvas (38 x 46 cm), November 2013 - February 2014

The portrait series:
I - Kevät ("Spring")…
II - Veden neitonen ("Maiden of water)…
III - Keinuja ("In a swing")…

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