Orphea Updated Bio Picture

I decided to re-do Orphea's skirt. I thought she resembled Aradia to much because of her skirt and this one looks more like a skirt that perhaps some sort of greek/roman godess would wear?

Lol, a better referance of her is here fav.me/d5dcplk , the only new thing is her skirt, that's all.

After ~olive19956 convinced me, here's a fantroll. She has a lot of info, so beware if you read any further. It took a lot of research to come up with this.

Name: Orphea Sulafa (Orphea is a pun of Orpheus the musician in mythology, Sulafa is a star of the Lyra constellation, Orpheus used the Lyra)

Symbol: The Lyra constellations.html&imgurl=http://www.suberic.net/~dmm/astro/img/calli/Lyra.png&w=120&h=120&ei=9chEUOWHLMnkyQGz_IDABg&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=373&sig=113373694295388180206&page=1&tbnh=96&tbnw=96&start=0&ndsp=34&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0,i:72&tx=49&ty=37">[link]

Age: 6.45 Solar Sweeps (14 human years)

Lusus: MajesticMom (an Eagle because in the myth the Lyra was picked up out of the water by an eagle)

Blood: Dark Green (nearly Jade)

Horn Shape: Based off of the Curved ends of a Lyre

Ancestor: (don't know yet)

TrollTag: MusicalGodess

Title: (unsure yet)

Land: Land of Sight and Sound

Strife: Drumkind

Your name is ORPHEA SULAFA. You are 6.46 Solar Sweeps old and you absolutely love music. You love to paint occasionally too, but your artistic skills kind of suck. Sometimes you critique other people's art because you have a KEEN EYE for art, according to yourself.
You are always SINGING, and you are pretty good at it. You're also not half bad at playing the LYRE, which you always have with you, and you love the CLARINET, but you much prefer your Lyre. And when you're not playing music, you are usually LISTENING to it. You love every genre. Except for RAP and SCREAMO. How can anyone call those crappy, foul sounds music? It's insulting!
You are usually very calm and gentle, but if something gets you pissed off, you take out your anger on the DRUMS, just so you can at least hit something but still be musical. It's wonderful stress relief.

You usually speak very calmly, and in a musical way. If you sing though, you RHYME words often. While speaking, you use many MUSICAL PUNS (such as Treble instead of Trouble, Bass instead of Low, Piano instead of Soft Sounds, ect.) and you separate some letters that sound like words.

~Aw, hello there, i c u r trying to play a game of some sort.~

Matesprit: In progress
Moirail: Orches Grypho (belongs to Gamer-Princess714)
Kismesis: Ocamur Pichon (also bleongs to Gamer-Princess714)

She is basically a musical themed troll and based off of Orpheus since she plays the Lyre and can Sing. Her matesprit (don't know who that is yet) would probably be dead at one point and she would do a lot to try getting them back to the world of the living, like Orpheus did in the myth.

So yeah, FanTroll.

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