Eric's Raichu Picture

So long story short story because of a thing on facebook I had changed my profile picture to my favorite pokemon. I picked Riachu and searched for a cool picture and finally found one and uploaded it. My friend saw it and said he liked it and asked me if I had drawn it, and I had to sadly response no.

That got me thinking, why didn't I draw my own? As cool as the one I had found was, wouldn't it be cooler to have my own drawing? So as late as it was I got drawing and produced that which you see before you.


(it also helps that I had just got out of Sherlock Homles and was all hyped up and knew I wouldn't be able to sleep for a while)

Anyways, Raichu is one of my favorite pokemon, I always evolve my pikachus, (except for lolerchu) Made this in maybe an hour and a half? Give or take. The lettering is Japanese for Raijū (雷獣,"thunder animal" or "thunder beast"), which is, let me see where it is;

"In Japanese mythology, Raiju is a demon of lightning. He is depicted as a badger, cat or a weasel. During thunderstorms he becomes agitated and jumps from tree to tree and likes to hide in people's navels."

Yeah, so my love of lightening pokemon, Japanese myths and drawing combined to make me draw this. Hopefully more work to come.

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