My OC for Glasgow Picture

Ok well basics, her human name is Jade Kirkland. Some friends call her Myth for the simple fact she is obsessed with Mythology. Her hair is a dark rich auburn making it seem redish in the right lighting and the forest green eyes.
She's rather rough and tough, swears a bit, and is known for violence and death threats. She has spent a lot of time with England and always finds a way to take with micky out of England's cooking intentionally and unintentionally. She at a young age did admire her uncle but now is like her dad; Scotland in the way she always takes the micky out of him.

At home she has 2 dogs, a white Scottish Terrier named Scot and a West Highland terrier named Haggis both very obedient. She lives in the East side of Glasgow in a nice-ish 3 bedroom house with a small garden for her pooches. She also has a ginger and white female feline, her breed not confirmed as she hasn't really been seen that much. Glasgow likes animals which is why she has her 3 pets, she also likes kids and is first to offer to baby sit although not many let her ((Me: I wonder why with her attitude and title of Murder Capital of Europe))

She's really stubborn and considered a bit Tsudere by her family especially her brother Edinburgh who she tends to hang out with a lot. She enjoys her weekly night out with her sister, when she was younger she wasn't very good at handling her drink although now she is capible of holding her drink almost as good as her dad although will fall with a single glass of Vodka.

that's about all I'll add more at a later date or something maybe...

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