Sigmund - Portrait Picture

Sigmund Shepelev

Rogue of Mind

  • Walnuts

  • Figure skating

  • Comic books

  • Algae

  • Etruscan mythology

  • 15-years-old

  • Guyana - South America

  • An abandoned gas station

Weapon category:
  • Hammer type

Character notes:
  • Sometimes goes by the alias "Pistachio"

  • Has a soft spot for hummingbird snores

  • Currently resides in Guyana because, according to Etruscan myth, a mystical walnut is located there

  • Met the other kids on an Adventure Time RP forum

  • While in Guyana, Sigmund must deal with deadly parrots, ravenous frogs, irritating jaguars, and the dreaded Hoatzin.


Sigmund Shepelev is a character I was asked to create for an upcoming fangame! I'm not sure if I can disclose anymore information about the game, but I hope it will be super awesome and blow my mind like how a flamethrower blows fire, with cyborg kittens doing the flamethrowing.

I really don't know what went wrong with Sigmund's design, but I can tell you two contributing factors that I am sure of.
  • I do not know human anatomy. I am lonely.

  • I do not know the anatomy of children. I have never seen a child in my life.

More information will be added to his profile as it becomes fabricated in my brain.

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